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Waking Playthings

This project came to embody a new direction for Red Bird, one that included performance, dance and sound art as a viable medium for members to work with. The project began with the simple experimentation of the body and its movement, under the guidance of Vicky Langan and Dominic Thorpe. From that point of physical exploration Waking Playthings developed into a spontaneous and limitless physical and material expression of the artists. The performance involved transforming everyday objects, movements, mannerisms and concepts into art through experimentation and play. The final piece, held in Nun Island Theatre on December 7th 2013, explored mundane and domestic objects and materials in a live improvised durational performance. Waking Playthings could be interpreted as an exploration into what art can (and could) be through performance.

Waking Playthings film project was funded by the Arts Council of Ireland under the Youth Ensemble Scheme