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Youth Ensemble Scheme 2014 – 2015: BEFORE I FADE AWAY

The workshops where the graphic novels were created ran from October to January and were facilitated by artist, cartoonist, animator, and film-maker Maeve Clancy. Red Bird members looked at different narrative techniques used in graphic novels. Taking a fine art approach to their work, the aim was not to replicate existing ideas, but to re-present these in the form of an installation. Throughout, the participants were also introduced to ideas of deconstruction, appropriation, and collage.

This graphic novel project is enabled through The Arts Council of Ireland’s Youth Ensemble Scheme and local authority funding. The group developed the story collectively, then each member drew a page from a different character’s perspective.

View our comics online now:
Before You Fade Away
By The Horns
The Prince, The Knight, and The Scones